Luxe Quartz Collection Extends: Tray Sets & Gift Bundles!

History of Quartz

When I started with my quartz pieces, it began with my Emerald Green sets. The natural agate slices inspired me and, I wanted to recreate the beauty I saw in them.

From there, my imagination spiraled and out came my first Quartz Sets, Tray Sets and Bundles.

These pieces were well received by you and, I couldn't thank you enough for the support you gave to me through them.

I was making these pieces every day and sending them out to different countries across the world.

I decided to expand the colour palette, to give you multiple options for your homes. Shortly after this, I released Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red and Rose Quartz Sets, Tray Sets and Bundles.

I had so much fun making these sets and playing around with the technique and the colours.

I felt I needed to level up from this and wanted to give you an option that was more neutral-toned and easily suitable for anyone's home or gifting.

A more luxury set of resin coasters and Tray Sets that had a more refined quality to them. And my bestseller still to this day Quartz 2.0 Collection was released. Made with stunning creamy colours and shimmering golds, this became my most popular product very quickly.

The Beige Quartz 2.0 Tray Sets Collection

Now that the wait is over, I can finally introduce you to the newest Beige Quartz 2.0 Tray Sets Collection. Made with passion and excitement, I came up with this collection to appeal to the finest of home decoration. 

This is our most luxurious collection yet and, I am over the moon with the way these pieces came out. Available in multiple variations of Tray Sets and Bundles to choose from.

These extravagant Quartz sets will adorn your home in the utmost stunning richness.

The inspiration behind these tray sets was natural agate slices with a mix of mocha-latte colours.

Natural agate is known for its good protective energy stone. It enhances creativity, energy and well-being. I wanted to mirror the ethereal beauty of natural agate whilst emulating my love for coffee too.

The Quartz Collection Tray Sets

Handcrafted with the finest quality of heat resistant epoxy resin meaning our coasters and Tray Sets are tea and coffee friendly. 

The Quartz Collection Tray Sets come in many variations where you can pick from three different tray shapes; oval, round and rectangle, accompanied by geode coaster sets coming in set of 2, 4 or 6.

You could pick the tray on its own or pair it with stunning coasters.


The Tray Sets are made with luxurious branch gold handles with floating gold metallic details that add to the sparkle and luxe of the Tray Sets, giving your home that extra piece of shimmer.


The versatility of these resin pieces allows you to use them in multiple forms in the home.

You could use as serve wear trays to welcome your guests in style with snacks or even prepare a cheese board on them.

When not used, you can keep your coasters on the Tray Sets and, have them as a decorative piece. If you prefer, you could use the trays in your bedroom to keep your perfumes or daily pieces of jewellery on them.

The Quartz Jewellery Display Bundles

These bedroom decor pieces are the ideal bundles for your room, also perfect for the gifting season that is nearly upon us. These diverse jewellery displays will enhance your bedroom and add a unique touch to your decor. 

Coming in two variations of bundles, you can pick from two sizes of sets. Made to be practical and stylish for your bedroom.

The round resin Tray Sets bundle includes; a round display tray, geode coaster, ring holders and make-up pot. The oval gold tray bundle includes: an oval gold tray, round coaster, ring holder & make-up pot.. 

You can pick between the bundle with an oval gold tray base for the maximalist lover. Otherwise, pick the bundle with the pure resin-based tray that's perfect for the minimalist. 

You can add style to your room whilst also protecting your surfaces with agate inspired resin pieces. 


These Tray Sets and bundles will be perfect in any home they go into, hand made with passion to give you luxury pieces to use for many years to come.

Handmade with love

It’s in the finer details that makes a handmade craft a unique experience even more special. 

I make each piece bespoke and, they are all made to order. This means every piece in the Tray Sets is unique therefore, they are never identical to one another - this is a good thing! It's what makes these pieces so special and distinctive.

All pieces are finished with 2 coats of 18k gold leaf paint, as well as another 2 coats of varnish. Not only will your furniture be protective, but your resin art piece will look fresher for longer!

The Beige Quartz 2.0 Collection resin pieces come with transparent pads, used underneath of each coaster and Tray Sets to provide extra grip while also preventing scratching to your new resin piece and your surfaces.

I also provide a mini micro fibre cloth with all my resin pieces to clean your pieces.

These are Tray Sets you want for the festive season this year. Made with perfection and gift wrapped to with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Giving you the full experience from the second you receive them at your door.


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