It all started with a DM I received months ago asking if I was selling Resin Coaster Starter Kit for beginners. This was around the time I announced my first Workshop with East London University. I was extremely flattered that someone thought I could pull off something like that, but then it got me thinking...

Every now and then I'd realise I was day dreaming about if and how I could put together a Resin Coaster Starter Kit for people. It wasn't that common at the time, but every now and then I'd get another DM or comment asking if I were doing Resin Coaster Starter Kits. Well, that was it. I decided I will eventually launch my own starter kit!


Deciding what to include in the Resin Coaster Starter Kit came with quite a few challenges. I needed to decide who I was designing this kit for. Was this for someone who's never poured resin ever, or someone with a little experience but wanted a more solid set up?

I went with the former, but tried to keep everyone in mind. This Resin Coaster Starter Kit is perfect for those who have been seeing resin art all over their Instagram feed, but kept their observation at a distance. I've put together everything you need so YOU can make beautiful & functional art that will impress your friends & family!


Your journey into the wonderful world of epoxy resin art starts NOW, and I cannot wait to see what beautiful pieces you can make with your own hands!


  • 2x Geode Coaster moulds
  • 1x Geode Charm mould
  • 2x Large Plastic Cups
  • 4x Medium Paper Cups
  • 12x Small Paper Cups
  • 1x Large Silicone Spatula
  • 2 Large Wooden Mixing Sticks
  • 3x Mica Sticks
  • 3x Small Wooden Sticks
  • 3x Small Plastic Mixing Sticks
  • 1x Gloves
  • 1x Golden Turquoise Mica Powder
  • 1x Sky Blue Mica Powder
  • 1x Pearl Shimmer Mica Powder
  • 1x Gold Leaf Flakes
  • 1x Gold Stones
  • 1x Gold Glitter
  • 1x Infographic explaining the purpose of each item

As with all mediums of Art, there will always be a never ending list of potential tools and equipment you can add to your arsenal, but this Resin Coaster Starter Kit is PERFECT for beginners, especially those with ZERO experience; to get involved and truly make STUNNING resin art! 

The Resin Coaster Starter Kit includes a wide variety of materials for you to make your beautiful resin coasters. The Gold Turquoise and Sky Blue mica powders compliment each other very well with an added Pearl Shimmer to use as is or mix into the blue micas.

In this Resin Coaster Starter Kit you will also receive 3 different materials to experiment with; Leaf Flakes, Stones & Glitter. The moulds and ALL stir sticks can be kept and added to your collection to be reused for many more creations, but please be mindful of the up keep for this. The materials will also last for many pours as a little goes a long way.

You can reuse ALL the mixing Stir Sticks included in the Resin Coaster Starter Kit, simply wipe them with a wet wipe to ensure you have cleaned off all resin. You can also reuse your plastic and paper mixing cups; for the plastic mixing cup clean it with a wet wipe and dry with paper towel, for the paper cup let the resin cure and reuse. More information for aftercare of your moulds and tools in the Instruction Leaflet.


Gold: Gold leaf flake, Gold Stones, Gold glitter
Silver: Silver leaf flake, Silver Stones, Blue Crystals, Silver glitter
Blue: Silver leaf flake, Silver Stones, Blue Crystals, Blue glitter

Will there be a tutorial included?

I have included an infographic that will explain the purpose of each item included in the Resin Coaster Starter Kit. I will also be posting a video to my IGTV showing you how to make unique coasters using the tools from the starter kit.

Will the resin coaster starter kit include epoxy resin?

The starter kit does not include resin; however my resin of choice is Craft-Resin (which I fully recommend) and you can enjoy a 10% discount clicking this link

What other tools with I need?

The Resin Coaster Starter Kit has everything you need to get started in making your very own resin geode coasters. If you'd like guidance on what other tools/equiptment you can use or upgrade to, I have put together an Amazon List of all the materials and tools I use.

Do you have any Health and Safety tips?

Always use gloves when working with resin and wear a respirator mask if ventilation is poor and work in a well ventilated room.

Please note it is your responsibility to read all health and safety instructions on the resin brand of your choice before using it. 


As this is all very new to me, and I'm constantly learning on my own journey; I've only put together an EXTREMELY LIMITED supply of starter kits.
Depending on feedback, I may make the next launch a bit bigger, and could even make slight adjustments to the next Resin Coaster Starter Kit too.

Price for the Resin Coaster Starter Kit is £34.95.

I want to be there for every step of your resin journey, so please tag us on social media @ResinByRen so we can share your beautiful work! :)


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  • Gracie Patten

    Hi! I’m very keen in being on the list for this kit.
    Do you ship internationally?
    Please let me know. Thank you.

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