Private Coaching

your resin art journey starts now!

Private one-to-one coaching with a professional and high-level artist.

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Resin By Ren Academy

You will learn the skills you need to become an established resin artist.

Together we will create art worthy of selling, leading to a lucrative source of income.

Get an edge on the competition, learn from a professional and gain skills in this growing medium!




      I committed to Rens personal coaching package for 1-on-1 support & it was incredible.

      They were focused on my goals, helping me to expand and refine my business approach to the resin craft. Walking through ways to expand & marketing strategies, I was so happy that I committed to the sessions. They were focused on taking action and implementation of the strategies.

      I would HIGHLY recommend these sessions for anyone wanting to grow their resin business.

      Daniella Wassef
      Australia, Sydney

      I’ve followed Rengin for a very long time now & the minute she announced her 1st workshop I was hooked! I’ve joined all 3 of her workshops now & I couldn’t be more satisfied with the knowledge Rengin provides us.

      She is so thorough with everything & I couldn’t recommend her enough. I have learnt so much & improved within my own resin journey from techniques to the learning about all the little bits and bobs about resin.

      Stephanie Shields
      UK, London

      We exclusively stock the finest quality resin art supplies to help improve your creations!

      We are proud to be able to provide the deepest available silicone molds for making your resin look like real geodes. We also stock a selection of Crushed Stones/SeaShells that are designed to give you show-stopping shine when used as texture for any art piece.

      Need guidance?

      Making art is great, but can be frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing.

      When you don’t know where to start or how to get things right, it can stop you from making resin art altogether.

      Work directly with me to take small steps that will make all the difference. This is not a ‘learn from a video and do what I say’ coaching service. 

      You work with me one-to-one and we will make sure to find the best way to implement it, so that you can master your art and be happy making the art -- while making lots of sales. Ask anything, anytime.