1-2-1 Resin Art Coaching

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The BEST epoxy resin art Coaching you can get!

Experienced Resin Artist turn Private Tutor, with hundreds of students from all over the world.

Guaranteed to drastically improve your resin art skills, so you can feel good about making and sending your own art all over the world!z

Join the hundreds of students that has learnt from Rengin today! 

Some of the topics we can cover:

  • How to make beautiful epoxy resin art on a budget
  • How to choose colour palettes & creating collections that sell
  • How to get rid of bubbles from epoxy resin
  • Health & Safety while using epoxy resin
  • Optimal preparation & desk set up
  • Best tools/equipment for beginners
  • Best tools/equipment to invest in
  • Best ways to make the most of your epoxy resin
  • Best finishing touches only the pros are doing
  • Why does my resin art look like this? We'll find out together!
  • Q&A - Ask me anything!

You are frustrated. You really want to get better at epoxy resin art and sell your art online, but you feel stuck. You're not sure where to start when making resin art and how to take it further

Every time you finish a piece, you don't feel excited. You know you have the skills and can visualise how it should look in your head, but in reality it does not turn out as you imagined or planned - Sound familiar?

Private lessons allow me to give my students tailored attention at their pace. 

With this flexibility and personal touch Private lessons means that we can get right up close and personal so that we can really focus on your goals, abilities and needs so that I can help you improve your art faster than any other method available.

If you have any questions about anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I need help with both resin art and my small business!

The most popular option my students take is to combine both coaching and get best of both worlds:

In the 3x 60 minute sessions, you are welcome to have 2 of those sessions focused on small business, and the 3rd session on resin art; or vice versa!



What epoxy resin do you use?⁠⁠

My resin of choice is from Craft Resin - Click link for discount code

What Tools & Equipment do you use?
Resin supplies, Photography, Packaging & more all listed on my Amazon Store

We will arrange a date and time that will suit both of our availability.

I have students from all over the world including North America, Europe, Africa and Australia! Whatever your timezone is, we can work out a schedule for us both!

The Live session will be held on Zoom, which you can download for free on Desktop/Mobile/Tablet.

The session will be recorded and emailed to you so you can watch the workshop as you'd like, whenever you'd like!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ren is generous with her teachings and cares about your success!

Having followed Ren on social media for a while, I was drawn to her transparency of the ups and downs of the resin journey. The journey to perfecting techniques and always creating something new.
Ren is generous with her time, her openness to explain very specific things that most artists don’t explain. I have taken on a course from another artist some time back but just never felt that I learnt as much from her online course as I have through my first workshop with Ren nor the business aspects through our one-on-one coaching sessions.
You’ve been an incredible help to propelling me forward and I'm grateful for your guidance - thank you so much!

Kathy G
1 to 1 Coaching with Ren

Ren really knows how to coach! She is a fabulous listener, she does her homework and pays attention to exactly where her students are with their business and develps a unique plan tailored to the individual.

I wanted to study with her as I watched her scale her business over the past year and produce some of the most beautiful resin work I have seen. Who better to learn from, than someone who has done this!

I loved my first session so much, that I have signed up for more and look forward to two months with Ren!

Kathy Gelfand, Kathy G Collective

Elena Rodriguez

I had my first coaching session with Ren and it was wonderful, she was very informative and had a lot of great tips. It was so nice speaking with another artist about my ideas and what I want to do. Ren provided me with notes and a copy of our session so I can go back and review. She gave me a ton of great information and I can't wait to schedule another session with her!


Danielle Eveleigh
Very knowledgeable!

Ren provided a lot of very helpful insight for a lot of unanswered questions I had and helped me take a stronger step forward with starting up my business. Can’t wait for another session and to learn some more! Rens passion for resin is admirable! Thank you for all your help so far x

Anamary Valdes
Very informative 1-2-1

Ren is very detailed and informative. Great structure in the sessions. I’m already seeing results. Thank you so much Ren!

Supplies To Create Show-Stopping Art!
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We exclusively stock the finest quality resin art supplies to help improve your creations!

We are proud to be able to provide the deepest available silicone molds for making your resin look like real geodes. We also stock a selection of Crushed Stones/SeaShells that are designed to give you show-stopping shine when used as texture for any art piece.